Festival 19 will take place in Lyon, France, from 29th June to 8th July and bring together disadvantaged young people from across the world to take part in an inspiring ten-day programme based around the festival motto: “Equality is Everyone’s game”.
The event will explore the contributions of football for good to the promotion of gender equality on and off the pitch. The festival will be hosted by Sport dans la Ville and jointly organised by Sport dans la Ville and streetfootballworld.
Festival 19 in numbers…
  • 48 Delegations, representing community-based organisations that are using football as a tool for social transformation. Discover the delegations here
  • 35 countries represented
  • 300 participants from across the globe
  • Over 60 matches will be played at the street football tournament on 5th July


The following days are open for press and media attendance:
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The street football tournament is the climax of the festival and will be open to the public and played in internationally mixed teams (including at least 50% female players per team) with special ‘football3’ rules.


Instead of referees, the female young leaders will act as mediators, enabling the players to take responsibility for their own actions and demonstrate their commitment to working together, on and off the pitch.


The 5th of July will also feature an All-Star football match featuring football legends alongside active professional footballers and young participants.



05/07/19 - 06/07/19

The Equality Summit will take place in two halves, on 5th and 6th July.

The first half:  Hosted by Equal Playing Field, the Equality Summit on 5th July will unite high-level policy makers, decision-makers and academics striving to reach gender equality in football and beyond.*

The second half: Hosted by streetfootballworld and Sport dans la Ville, the Equality Summit on 6th July will unite football for good organisations and activists from across the world to explore bottom-up approaches that use football as a tool to promote gender equality and empower young girls on and off the pitch.


*The first half of the Equality Summit is not hosted by Sport dans la Ville or streetfootballworld, so please register via the Equal Playing Field website.

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On Saturday, 6th July, the Closing Ceremony of Festival 19 will take place from 7pm – 10:30pm.


Over 1000 people are due to attend the event that will bring together participants, delegations, partners, sponsors, and many other guests from the wider networks of Sport dans la Villa and streetfootballworld.


The ceremony will feature a 2-hour fireworks display, orchestrated by Jean-Eric Ougier, a renowned pyrotechnic engineer in France, and music from the Orchestre National de Lyon (ONL) as well as Demos Orchestra, a programme created by ONL to enable children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to discover music and play an instrument.


The Closing Ceremony will be the festive culmination of the preceding days focused on international exchange and gender equality but just the start of the show where “Equality is Everyone’s Game.”